Alger Theater asbestos removal

Sergio Evangelista, left, and Hector Rios begin work on removing asbestos from the marquee in front of the Alger Theater.

Work on the Alger Theater in Lakeview took a major step forward as workers with ServPro were on hand to remove asbestos from the marquee in front of the theater.

This is one of the several projects that need to be completed before the reader board — which is undergoing its own refurbishment in Sacramento, Calif. — is put back onto the marquee. Other projects include brick and masonry work, among other items needed to be completed.

As the Alger Theater was built in 1940, it has asbestos in the building as did many buildings and homes that were built during that time period. Asbestos was viewed as a way to make buildings more resistant to fires, but eventually it was discovered that the material is hazardous and one of the leading causes of cancer in people who were exposed to asbestos material, as the fiber materials can get into people’s lungs.

Workers donned protective gear and climbed to the top of the reader board and began removing the material from the reader board. The entire process took approximately two days, as they were working outside and could not work through the evening. The material was then disposed of properly.

Ever since the Lakeview Community Partnership (LCP) purchased the historic theater a couple of years ago, the non-profit has been busy raising funds for the many projects that need to be completed to make the Alger a top of the line theater and event space. Some of the work inside includes new electrical, a new curtain, new paint and more. The work outside includes repainting the building to its original colors, a green and maroon. Work has been supported by donations from businesses and individuals, along with grants from organizations.

For more information call 541-944-8176.

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