Cancer fund runners make way through Lakeview

A couple young runners ordered Subway after a day’s worth of making pace from Burney, Calif. to Lakeview to raise awareness to young people affected by cancer. 

Lakeview opened its arms to welcome 28 young runners who were making their way across country for a good cause. 

On their second leg of their 4,000-mile run from coast to coast, Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults made Lakeview their home for the night on Thursday, June 22. Their sponsor was the Faith Center, putting them up for the night and helping them get necessary food. Lakeview’s Subway contributed to the cause with giving part of the meal and the Faith Center pitched in the rest. Safeway contribute 10 percent for their morning meal. 

“The community is helping us in so many ways,” said Abby Rentschler, one runner and leader, “It’s really great to see how people are willing to step up to support a good cause if you give them a chance.”

The undertaking is to bring awareness to over 700,000 young adults who are suffering from cancer with rates of regular adults and children going down, but not much has been done with the young adult demographic. 

“We want to show the nation and the world that there is help needed for this group of people,” Rentschler said.

The group was made up of one veteran who made the run before while the rest were first time runners of the trek. They came from different parts of the country, including New York, Missouri, Ohio and California. “We have very similar mindsets,” she said, adding that it definitely helps in their overall goal to get from San Francisco to New York in not even two months. Rentscheler said the first days were a heat wave, giving them adversity right off the bat that created bonding. 

Done in pairs, each runner takes two mile stretches of road as the bus drops off the next two a couple miles down the road. This is done continuously and like a machine until they reach one of their 29 rest areas. Two participants who aren’t running for the day are in charge of going to the host town to ask for donations and set up for the night. 

Each morning they have a dedication circle that is made up of a chant with their left hand up to signify that they are getting support and their right hand up to show that they are giving support. Before their stop in Lakeview they made three visits at Yuba City, Calif., Corning, Calif. and Burney, Calif. Their next leg takes them to Burns, Vale and Boise, Idaho. From there, the group’s route goes through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The final destination is New York City on Saturday, Aug. 5. 

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