Group vintage motorcycle event

Kirk Williams of Klamath Falls presented to the Lakeview Town Council at its meeting on Tuesday, July 13, about the possibility of the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) having an event in Lakeview in 2022.

Williams said the organization is mostly comprised of older people, and that they race historic motorcycles on courses in various small communities throughout the western states. There are a combination of motocross and cross-country events and traditionally the events are open to the public for a small fee that the organization then donates to different causes in the community. He said the course uses the existing natural terrain and the bikes are mostly from the 1950-70s with no bike newer than 1976. Some of the bikes people bring are older and from the World War II era.

Williams said the events would take place across a weekend and he said the group is potentially looking at having an event in Lakeview in May 2022, though he wanted to get approval from the Town Council and their opinion on when such an event should be held. Williams said after scouting the area the perfect place would be near the Norm May Gun Range. He said the bikes generally have minimal impact to the plant life and the AHRMA would work at making sure the land regenerates before the next event.

Mayor Ray Turner said he is supportive of having such an event in Lakeview and said it sounded like a good time. His only concern was that there could still be snow or ground could still be really wet at that location in early May. Turner asked if the Lake County Fairgrounds could be used for the event. Williams said the Fairgrounds does not meet AHRMA’s needs.

Council Member Scott Langum was supportive of the project, but he wanted to check with the Town of Lakeview’s insurance company to see if there might be any issues. Williams said they make all participants sign a liability waiver and they have insurance themselves as well.

AHRMA holds events in Modoc County in the Canby, Calif., area each year and that event brings about 100-200 riders from across the western United States for a series of weekend events. For more information about AHRMA visit

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