Rio Hillman at the Village

Rio Hillman performed at The Village on Sunday, June 16 in front of a pleased crowd. 

On a late Sunday night at The Village, the first ever comedic act to hit the stage brought laughs, applause and conversation. The standup/sketch writer’s name is Rio Hillman. 

The event took place on Sunday, June 16 at 7 p.m. with a cost of $10 at the door, but the laughs were well worth the price of admission. Taking a chance on Hillman, The Village ownership brought on the Chicago-born, Wisconsin-raised comedian during his tour that is currently circulating around the state of Oregon. 

With some Midwestern charm and witty jokes tying everything together, Hillman had the crowd on the edge of their seat, prepared for his next punch line to send them gut holding into the night. According to Hillman, he believes that subtlety and timing are key principals to build a crowd up to the eventual punch line. 

Having toured around most of southern Oregon as of late with Grants Pass, Port Orford and North Bend on his recent stops, Hillman went to the crowd to get feedback for some of his new jokes and a few that correlated directly to Lakeview after some adjustment. 

Hillman has been doing comedy full-time for the last ten years. Before that, he was a dishwasher and kitchen assistant in an old folks home in Wisconsin. 

Anyone wanting to check out some of his comedy, there’s a couple ways to do so. Follow Hillman on Facebook and Instagram at riohillmancomedy, or on Twitter and YouTube at riohillman. Folks can also sign up for his email list at or visit his website at 

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