Lakeview High School (LHS) junior Annikah Tacchini is competing in the Miss Klamath County — Outstanding Teen pageant and is also competing in the people’s choice competition online.

People can vote online, each vote costs $5, and the top two will win half the money they raised as a scholarship. Even ones who do not finish in the top two of the people’s choice will earn a small scholarship, said Sheri Hargrave, executive director of the Miss Klamath County Scholarship Pageant. Though Tacchini is hoping to finish in the top two.

People have until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 8 to vote for Tacchini in the people’s choice competition. Hargrave said this will allow the organizers to determine who the winner is and how much each girl will win in scholarships.

Tacchini will compete in the Miss Teen competition for a chance to be crowned Miss Teen on Saturday, April 9 at 6 p.m. at Broadway Hall in Malin; admission is $25.

“I heard about the pageant through my mom,” said Tacchini. “I was initially hesitant at first, but my mom said to give practice a try and see how it goes; the practices were fun.”

One of Tachhini’s goals of participating in the Miss Teen pageant is to help earn money for college, she said the pageant helps provide money for college. She wants to study forensic pathology and become a coroner, area she said is fascinating and interesting. Tacchini said her initial plans are to study pre-med at Oregon Institute of Technology before going to medical school.

At the pageant each contestant will need to perform a fitness routine that features a variety of moves such as push-ups and more in front of the judges. The routine is timed and set to music; the contestants will be judged based on how perky they are.

Beyond that Tacchini will compete in evening wear, where they are asked a question on stage, talent – Tacchini said her talent will be a dramatic monologue about how people are always being judged in society, she only has 90 seconds for her talent. In the morning before the public portion Tacchini will be interviewed by the judges.

“I always thought that pageants were super fru-fru and I didn’t want to just prance around on stage in a dress,” said Tacchini. “Through the practices I have learned it is more than just that.”

During practice she and the other contestants met winners from previous years and Tacchini learned how much participating have meant and the support the program offers to pay for school.

If she wins Tacchini will be making appearances throughout Klamath and Lake counties. Past winners have joined Santa to greet children. The winner also attends a number of other events. Tacchini will have the chance to compete as Miss Klamath County when she turns 18 years old, and it is something she is interested in doing.

“I was really nervous when I started practicing and I have been working on getting rid of those nerves,” said Tacchini. “I plan to continue doing pageants in the future.”

To support Tacchini online through the people’s choice competition visit klamathpageants.org/peopleschoice.

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