Outback Assembly of God pastors

Jerry and Lesa Elrod are the new lead pastors for the Outback Assembly of God church located in Lakeview. The couple replaced Joel and Kimberlee Morris.

Jerry and Lesa Elrod are the new pastors of the Outback Assembly of God church in Lakeview; they take over from Joel and Kimberlee Morris, who moved to Sandy to lead another church.

The Elrods are familiar with the Outback Assembly of God as they have been attending the church as parishioners for the past couple of years after Jerry retired from the California Highway Patrol; even though the couple lived in Alturas, they made the drive up to Lakeview for the services. The Elrods were initially appointed as the interim pastors and were then voted to become the permanent pastors.

The two are multi-generational Assembly of God members, and Jerry was a pastor at various Assembly of God churches depending on where he was posted by the California Highway Patrol; his last assignment was in Alturas. Jerry said even their children are involved in the Assemblies of God congregations and are continuing the family tradition.

“In 1990 I felt the call to become more involved in the church, and I answered that call when we were living in southern California by going through the teaching and training of becoming a minister,” said Jerry.

Lesa said she and Jerry did a lot of activities when they were the lead pastors at Coast Christian Center Assembly of God when Jerry was posted in Fort Bragg, Calif. She said they ran Bible study groups, youth groups, Sunday school and more. Jerry said that the Fort Bragg church became involved in foreign missionary work, whether it was sending families on missions or supporting missionary work financially through donations.

“We felt that this is where we should be and the Lord was leading us to the Lakeview church. We were asked to be interim and then the next week we were asked to be the permanent pastors,” said Jerry. “I see the entire church as a family that is in dialogue and ready to talk about the issues. We incorporate songs and music into the services.”

Jerry noted that he works on having an atmosphere of fellowship in the Outback Assembly of God, a place where people can discuss openly and freely the issues they are going through. He said this informal discussion is at the beginning of the service and provides a place of dialogue for the church before he launches into a more formal sermon.

“We plan to continue what the Morrises built on. This includes continuing family movie night during the summer, family activities, Sunday school, youth group and more,” said Lesa.

Jerry said he and Lesa have been well received by the community and are working with the local FourSquare Church on youth activities and events in the area. Lesa said that Bible study for women will continue and that it is inspiring to hear about the stories of how God has changed people’s lives for the better.

“We are looking forward to ministering to the Lakeview community and helping out the community any way we can,” said Jerry.

The Outback Assembly of God is located at 1014 Center St., Lakeview.

For more information call 541-947-2520.

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