WCCF Adults in Custody give back to community

Members of the Latino Club at the Warner Creek Correction Facility (WCCF) elected to give the proceeds from their fundraiser to the Lakeview American Youth Soccer Organization. Cyndi Havely is in the middle.

Latino Club at Warner Creek Correctional Facility (WCCF) recently held a fundraiser to raise money for their club with the proceeds, they elected to give back to the youth of Lakeview and donated a portion to the Lakeview American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), Region #1427.

The WCCF Latino Club is comprised of almost 50 members who meet on a regular basis where they discuss their culture, play Hispanic-based board games, provide support to fellow members, and contribute positive input for the group. They are devoted in assisting all the club members, in addition to other Adults in Custody at WCCF. This support benefits everyone when these Adults in Custody are released from Oregon Department of Corrections.

The Lakeview AYSO was started in 2002 as a pilot program and was approved in early 2003. Since then, it has gained in popularity with the youth, providing opportunity to participate in soccer for everyone in the Lake County Community. There are programs for ages 4 and up and offer summer camps conducted by coaches from the United Kingdom who travel to Lakeview to share important techniques through fun and games.

Several years after AYSO started, Lakeview High School incorporated a co-ed team into the sports program, later dividing it into boys’ and girls’ teams. The girls’ team has gone to State, several players have received scholarships to colleges through soccer, and both teams strive to do their best to make the LHS Honkers proud.

During these unsettled times, the continued support from the Lake County Community, and the WCCF community, reinforces how important it is to help our youth, providing positive opportunities in their lives, which will benefit these children in the future.

The Latino Club at WCCF value the importance to help the Lake County community, form lasting bonds, and have chosen to continue to contribute to the Lake County Community with every fundraiser in the future.

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