At its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 29, the Lakeview Town Council held a work session where it heard from Lakeview Public Works Dir. Jeff Marshall about the north end water project, and exploring the possibility of expanding the scope of the project by placing the water system down Industrial Way.

The North End water project is a $750,000 project to expand the Town of Lakeview water and sewer system to several businesses, and a few residential homes, on the north side of town. It would connect the USDA Office, Anderson Engineering and Surveying, the Shell Station, Pacific Pine Products, and a few homes. The cost for putting the system in place will be borne by those connecting to the system, and as part of the project they will be annexed into Lakeview.

Marshall told the Council that he is not comfortable with the idea of a water line having a hard end just past Pacific Pine Products, the main reason being that it often leads to dirty water that people complain about on the south end of Lakeview.

He noted that many of the problems of the water on the south end of town relate to lines that end, which then lead to a buildup of sediment, manganese and other hard metals in the system which then need to be flushed out periodically. Marshall was reviewing the current project and is proposing that the Council look at expanding it north to Hunters Hot Springs, which has expressed interest in joining the Town’s water system, or expanding the project by putting the water main heading west down Industrial Way, where it would meet with the main line heading out to Warner Creek Correctional Facility (WCCF).

One of the issues is the cost of adding that line down Industrial Way, as the north end project part is covered by those that will connect to the system. The cost of expanding the project down Industrial Way will be borne by the Town of Lakeview. There are very few homes or businesses that could potentially connect to the line on that roadway, and currently Imerys has not officially decided if they want to be connected to the new water project.

It will provide backup just in case the line to the prison needs to be worked on, and helps relieve pressure on the line overall, said Marshall.

While the Town Council liked the idea of connecting it to an existing line, they were concerned about the potential cost of the addition, and who will bear the cost of expanding it down Industrial Way.

For more information call 541-947-2020.

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