A lawsuit involving a hemp farm operator, Rohe LLC, which owns a large hemp farm in northern Lake County, and Hampton Enterprises, which claims to hold a promissory note with the company, and is owned by the Dickerhoof family, has turned into a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Rohe signed a promissory note with Noreen Dickerhoof, and her family Darren and Matthew Dickerhoof, on Feb. 14, 2019, for the amount of $200,000, which may increase to $600,000 over time. The promissory note was secured by a Trust Deed on a farm in Lake County operated by Rohe. Under the conditions of the note, Dickerhoof and her family became part owners of the farm and formed their own LLC called M & D Ranch.

According to Hampton Enterprises, which was formed on Monday, April 6, the promissory note was transferred from Dickerhoof to them for the purposes of collecting on the promissory note. Dickerhoof is also the lead manager of M & D Ranch LLC.

According to Hampton Enterprises’ lawsuit, Rohe has failed to make payments on the promissory note since Oct. 31, 2019, and is therefore in default on the note. According to the suit, Rohe has therefore defaulted on the property secured by the trust deed, and the property should go into foreclosure. Hampton Enterprises is asking for $1.2 million with interest of six percent per year, attorney fees and costs. They are asking that the property in the trust deed be sold by the Lake County Sheriff, and that the proceeds from the sale go to cover the judgment costs.

Rohe replied to the suit against them denying that Hampton is entitled to any award, fees or judgment. Rohe says that the amount being requested by Hampton Enterprises is above the amount in the promissory note, which at its most according to Rohe would be $600,000. They also claim that since Hampton Enterprises did not sue the other party that partially owns the farm, M & D Ranch, then the suit should be thrown out or Hampton Enterprises should sue M & D Ranch. Rohe claims that this cannot happen since M & D Ranch is owned by the same people who own Hampton Enterprises, the Dickerhoofs, and the Dickerhoofs would need to sue M & D Ranch. Rohe also claims that Noreen failed to follow the “Assignment Restricted” language in the trust deed and promissory note documents. In their counterclaim they are asking for $600,000 from M & D Ranch, which is owned by the Dickerhoofs.

Recently Hampton Enterprises filed a motion for the appointment of a receiver of the hemp farm in question, and ex parte motion to show cause against Rohe. The Dickerhoofs claim that they have a right to appoint a receiver in this case as they have not relieved any money from the 2019 crop. The Dickerhoofs found the gate leading to the farm locked, and no combination provided allowing them entry. As they claim that Rohe is in default, and possibly bankrupt as it is unable to repay the loan, Hampton Enterprises and the Dickerhoofs wish for the Lake County Circuit Court to appoint a receiver to oversee the picking of the crop and to make sure that the money does not disappear. The Court will hear their motion on Tuesday, Oct. 6, in Lake County Circuit Court.

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