Paisley library

The Lake County Library District has received a notice to vacate its Paisley branch, pictured.

Lake County Library Dir. Amy Hutchinson recently received a letter from Ken Hamlington who informed the Lake County Library District that will need to vacate the Paisley Library by Friday, Dec. 31 unless the Library District purchases the building.

Hutchinson shared with the Lake District Library Board of Directors a similar letter she had received from Hamlington’s attorney, James Arsenault, regarding the Paisley Library. In the letter from August, Hamlington and Arsenault told Hutchinson that the rent would be increasing or the Library District could purchase its portion of the building for $60,000.

Hamlington said in the original letter that if he did not receive word by Monday, Nov. 1 he would begin the 30-day notice of termination of the rental agreement. Forcing the Library District to vacate the building. Hamlington waited until after Nov. 1 to begin the process of forcing the Lake County Library out of its branch in Paisley.

Hutchinson said that she did not remember receiving any original communication from Hamlington or Arsenault about the rent increase or purchase of the Paisley branch. She said that the original emails could have gone to her “Clutter” folder. As the library was putting in a new email system, Hutchinson said some of her emails started going to that email folder. Hutchinson remembered a brief conversation with Hamlington about the possibility of the Library District purchasing the building three years ago, but nothing came of the conversation beyond planting the initial idea.

The building occupied by the Paisley branch is owned by Hamlington, and part of the building for some time was the home of Paisley Fabric and Quilt store.

“I remember talking briefly with Ken about the possibility of the library purchasing the building three years ago when we went back and forth a bit on the price, but I do not remember any further conversations or contact with him about the Paisley Library until I got this letter,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson has said that she is not opposed to the Library District purchasing the building, but said that the Library District is not able to afford the $60,000 in one payment.

“The Library Board was frustrated by the short notice about the rent increase and the short timeline,” said Hutchinson. “I felt that this came right out of the blue. We are looking at the very real possibility that we will need to vacate the Paisley Library and the people of Paisley will not have a library for some time.”

After discussing the matter the Library District Board set up a committee to negotiate the terms of the rent or price of purchasing the building with Hamlington. The meetings have been held under executive session, so the progress of the talks between the parties is not open to the public.

Hutchinson is still hopeful a solution can be found before the Paisley Library is forced to shut its doors.

Even though it is a small building and open two days a week, the Paisley Library is one of the busiest libraries in the District for its size.

For more information call 541-947-6019.

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