New Store in Lakeview

Town of Lakeview Planning Commission at its meeting on Monday, Oct. 11 approved the application from Dollar Tree to build a 10,500 square foot Dollar Tree/Family Dollar combo store in Lakeview.

The Commission voted to approve the project after a discussion about whether they would require the company to install stormwater drainage systems in its parking lot; the Commission ultimately did not require additional drainage outside of what was proposed. Under the plan submitted, and approved, the water will drain onto north H street and then flow to a storm drain on the street.

No one submitted any testimony against the project, either in writing, by phone or in person, and since it was not a land use zone change the Planning Commission had the final vote on the project. The Town Council would have heard the project if there was testimony against the project, and if anyone had objected to the decision who had raised an issue previously.

The new combo store will be built on the empty lot on north G street next to Lakeview Lodge. According to Darryl Anderson, of Anderson Engineering, the lot has sat empty for several decades and has all the necessary connections for water, sewer and power in place.

He said the store will sit on the northeast corner of the lot, and that the parking lot would be west to east, with entrances and exits from north G and H streets. The land was zoned commercial when the Town of Lakeview developed its zoning map and the zoning has not changed.

Delivery trucks will enter and exit the property through the entrance on north G street. In the staff report it noted that there was enough room for trucks to make the turn, but that it might be a bit tight if street parking was to be allowed near the store.

According to the site plan, there will be a retaining wall on the north end of the property, some landscaping and sidewalks on the east side of the property near the front of the store — which would face north G street — and some additional landscaping on the east side of the store. In total there will be 25 parking spaces.

With the final approval notification being sent out within the next couple of days, the company said it would take five – seven months to build the store, depending if the winter is snowy or not, with the current plan to open the store in the spring of 2022. The company said there would be eight full time employees, and a number of seasonal and part time employees hired during different times of the year.

Dollar Tree said in a statement that the combo stores are a relatively new concept and one they have been rolling out to other states across the United States with the focus on communities with populations under 4,000 people.

The majority of the store would carry items found in a Family Dollar store. This includes: frozen and refrigerated foods, pantry goods, health and beauty merchandise, household supplies, basic apparel, baby and toddler necessities, pet food, toys and home décor.

The Dollar Tree section would take up a small portion of the store and carry items that are found in Dollar Trees, with the vast majority of the items at around a $1, though the company announced a couple of days ago that it was raising its prices in Dollar Tree to $1.25 to account for costs. Most of the items in a Dollar Tree include school necessities, seasonal decorations, greeting cards, party supplies and more. Items change weekly in Dollar Tree.

“Small towns have historically had very limited retail options and shoppers often travel long distances to meet all of their shopping needs, but we are changing that,” said Kayleigh M. Painter, Dollar Tree’s investor and media relations manager. “Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are teaming up to provide the Lakeview community with a brand new, close-to-home store experience that offers incredible value on everyday products and exciting $1 deals.”

The Dollar Tree Corporation operates 15,000 stores across the United States and is headquartered in Chesapeake, Va., with 193,000 employees.

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