Paisley Fire Department acquires humvee

The humvee acquired in August by the Paisley Fire Department received a fresh coat of paint, a water tank and pump and is ready for duty.

Paisley Volunteer Fire Department has a new humvee, thanks to the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program. The vehicle came from California and will be used in Lake County on a combination of wildland and residential firefighting assignments.

Paisley Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) Liaison Dustin Withers explained that PVFD works with the Oregon Department of Forestry on a local and state level and can put in a request list with ODF for needed vehicles. FEPP allows ODF to acquire excess federal equipment, including excess U.S. Forest Service wild land fire engines. Vehicles and other equipment issues through the FEPP are on loan from the federal government for the life of the equipment.

Withers noted that ODF has helped PVFD to obtain vehicles through the program in the past, but never this quickly. PVFD received the humvee only a week after requesting it. The last time the fire department had put in a request for a vehicle, it had taken two years to come through, Withers said.

“Humvees are pretty easy to find,” he said, so he figured it wouldn’t take too long to obtain the vehicle. “But I thought it would be at least a couple months,” he added.

The humvee is a year 2000 and will hold four firefighters. A tank which was recently attached to the vehicle holds 300 gallons of water.

The humvee will be able to reach areas that were previously inaccessible for the PVFD, Withers said, noting, “We can get to fires we couldn’t get to before.” The addition of the vehicle will change PVFD’s firefighting operations “significantly,” he related.

After receiving the humvee, PVFD legally had to paint it and put the department’s own decals on it. They also outfitted it with a pump and the 300-gallon tank. The process get the vehicle ready for fighting fire locally took about two weeks. PVFD was able to started using the humvee on Friday, Aug. 28.

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