Sage Rooms

The Paisley Sage Rooms are now owned by Duane Graham, who also owns and operates Summer Lake Hot Springs.

Longtime Summer Lake Hot Springs owner Duane Graham recently purchased the Paisley Sage Rooms, in part so he could offer more lodging options for locals and travelers as the Hot Springs are often fully booked.

“It’s a good problem to have,” Graham said of the Hot Springs’ popularity. Not long after COVID hit, he made the decision to close the facilities for day use, so anyone who wants to enjoy the spot must reserve a room.

While the Hot Springs offer many separate units, the Sage Rooms has just four, but all were remodeled in recent years under former owner Brenda Norris and have received many glowing reviews online.

The motel is conveniently located right on Hwy 31 in Paisley and is popular with hunters, families and single people passing through, Graham said. He has also let some people stay long term — a big help as Lake County is suffering from a severe housing shortage. Two Red Rock workers have rented rooms for an extended period.

Graham is originally from the East Coast. He moved to Oregon over 25 years ago and attended community college in Eugene. He’s now been living near Summer Lake for 24 years, since he purchased the Hot Springs in 1997.

As detailed on the destination’s website, “His intention then, as it is today, was to create a small eco-friendly resort by building structures with geothermally heated floors, group areas for workshops, massage/healing arts and ultimately a restaurant with locally grown food.”

Graham’s vision for the Sage Rooms is still coalescing. He said the empty lot next to the building was also a factor in his decision to purchase the business. He is brainstorming ideas for how to best use the space but is excited about the possibilities it offers.

To learn more about the Sage Rooms or to book a reservation, call 541-943-3145.

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