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Lake County Sheriff Deputy Daniel Tague has entered the race to replace current Lake County Sheriff Mike Taylor in 2022.

Tague is the first, and so far only person, to file his candidacy to replace Taylor, who has indicated that he will not run for re-election. The number of people file for the Sheriff’s position will determine if the race will be decided in May 2022 or if a run off will be needed in November 2022. If no candidate gets 50% plus one then the top two finishers will face off against each other in November.

Tague joined the department in 2007. He is a native of Lakeview and graduated from Lakeview High School (LHS) in 2000. He was initially interested in being a firefighter and paramedic and was in the Lake County Reserve program at Chemeketa Community College in Salem when he was offered a position as a deputy in the Sheriff’s office. While in high school he helped to found the explorer program.

Throughout his career he has held various positions in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office while still maintaining his patrol duties in the southern part of Lake County.

“I have talked to many retired sheriffs across Oregon and they told me when the time is right to jump at it. And with Sheriff Taylor retiring I felt that the time is right. I do not believe I am too young, I am ready as I ever will be and at the end of the day I am a public servant and I am ready to serve the public as sheriff,” said Tague. “I will lead by example and still handle calls. I will be here to serve the people of Lake County from corner to corner.”

One of the main points that Tague will be handling if he is elected is whether or not to renew the contract between the Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Lakeview; currently the Sheriff’s Office handles policing duties within the town limits. Previously there had been a separate Lakeview Police Department, but it disbanded a number of years ago as more and more officers left its ranks and the Town struggled to fill the positions.

“The contract is good for the community in terms of money. It saves on the duplication of resources, and it is a win-win for both the County and Town,” said Tague.

One challenge is making sure that there are enough deputies to cover the calls for service that come throughout the County. Tague noted that the budget conversation with the Lake County Commissioners will always be one in which he would like as much money as possible, but knows that the resources that the County has are limited. He said it would be important to go after dollars where they are available and using money from different sources when possible so the budget can be used as much as possible.

Tague said the current number of deputies is good, though a couple more would be great. One of his goals is not only to keep the current deputies on the force, but also recruiting deputies to serve in Lake County. Many employers know it is difficult to recruit people to move to remote areas.

“One of my goals is to keep the reserve program going. It has recently been restarted, but I want to use it as a foundation for people to get into law enforcement,” said Tague.

If Tague is elected he would like to see more deputies present in communities and schools across Lake County. Currently, Lake County School District #7 (LCSD#7) is the only District with a School Resource Officer (SRO), which is funded through a three-year Department of Justice grant. Tague said he would like to see every school have an SRO, but if that is not possible then he would like to see deputies make a regular patrol of schools during the day, to interact with students in a positive matter.

Another of Tague’s goals is to let the people of Lake County know that the deputies of the Sheriff’s Office are around and there to help by having deputies during their shifts drive through different communities. He said this will show that the deputies are around if there are problems and helping to keep the peace.

Tague has a number of goals that he would like to pursue if he is elected. This includes making sure deputies receive the latest in defensive tactics training and handling mental health crisis calls, which is a topic that had become prevalent nationwide and locally in an officer involved shooting at the Interstate 8 Motel in Lakeview in 2020.

“I believe the Sheriff’s Office has a role to play in helping enforce animal control and nuisance issues,” said Tague. “I think we have the staff to now develop an animal control program and work with the community through education and enforcement. I believe once the word gets out that the Sheriff’s Office is working on the issue then the issue will disappear.”

He would like to see more enhanced services in North Lake, with the possible addition of another deputy to serve the North Lake area especially as the area is getting more and more calls for service.

“I want to enhance services in Christmas Valley and look at adding a part-time administrative person in the Annex. This would save people from having to drive to Lakeview to fill out restraining orders, concealed carry licenses and more,” said Tague.

There are a number of initiatives Tague wants to pursue if he is elected Sheriff, from adding a Sheriff’s substation in Paisley, to upgrading the radios the department uses, or having a snowmobile to use in Silver Lake for search and rescue and having off road vehicles in Christmas Valley. Tague is full of ideas for how to move the Sheriff’s Office forward.

The deadline for candidates to file is Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

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