Two more cattle depredations have occurred in the Bly area, both of which are attributed to the wolf LAS13. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is urging ranchers and people living in the area to take appropriate non-lethal measures.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, officials from ODFW investigated the depredation of a 375-pound calf that was found on the morning of Nov. 9 in a 20-acre private land grass pasture. The calf was estimated to have died approximately 36 hours before it was found. The internal organs had been consumed and extensive feeding was observed on the hind quarters, brisket and neck.

ODFW investigators found numerous bite marks around and under both elbows and 1.5 inch deep trauma in the muscle tissue around the withers. Multiple bite scrapes were observed around the neck and jaw. According to the ODFW investigation, the location and severity of the injuries are similar to injuries observed in calves attacked by wolves in the area. Based on the information from its investigation ODFW attributed the depredation to LAS13.

On Monday, Nov. 15 a ranch manager found an injured 550-pound yearling in a 110-acre private grassland pasture. The yearling had injuries to its hindquarters and was examined in a chute and then euthanized due to its injuries. It was estimated that the injuries were two to three weeks old.

ODFW investigators found numerous bite scrapes along the rear flanks and inside the right rear leg with the accompanying hemorrhaging and muscle tissue trauma. The bite scrapes ranged from ¼ inch wide to two inches long. In its report the investigators noted that the pre-mortem bite wounds are a clear sign of a predator attack and the number, location and direction of tooth scrapes is similar to damage observed on other cattle that have been injured by wolves. ODFW attributed the depredation to the LAS13 wolf.

This brings the number of confirmed cattle depredations attributed to the LAS13 wolf to five since the end of October as well as one determined “probable.” LAS13 is a male wolf who dispersed from the Lassen Pack in late 2020 and made his way to Oregon before the onset of winter in October 2020. Since that time he has been spotted in areas ranging from just north of Bly up through Winter Rim, Silver Lake and into Deschutes County. Since March 2021 LAS13 has been seen traveling with a female wolf.

With the recent cattle depredations, ODFW has released the area where LAS13 has killed cattle. The map encompasses Ivory Pine, Campbell and Five Mile Creek Roads — areas just south of where the Bootleg Fire burned through earlier in the summer.

ODFW has released a “Wolf Conflict Deterrence Plan” for LAS13. ODFW notes that wolves are attracted to dead livestock and that even a single carcass can attract and keep wolves in the area with live livestock and lead to depredations.

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