LHS boys soccer

Lakeview High School boys soccer player Alfredo Solis looks to pass the ball against St. Mary’s player Declean Read as the Honkers fell to St. Mary’s on Saturday, Oct. 9.

Lakeview High School (LHS) boys soccer had a rough outing against St. Mary’s on Saturday, Oct. 9, losing 10-6.

All the goals were scored in the beginning of each half, as both sides struggled early on the defensive end of the play and later settled down. The Honkers could not keep up with the St. Mary’s team which featured a deep bench and had excellent striking play.

St. Mary’s scored the first goal of the game and both teams traded goals with four goals scored by both teams within the first ten minutes of the game.

St. Mary’s used the wide ball to stretch the Honker defense and then sent in cross after cross into the penalty box, forcing the Honkers to play wise defense or else give up a short range shot against the goal, often resulting in a goal for St. Mary’s.

The Honker defensive line had trouble communicating through most of the game, as the ball was not cleared from crosses and the St. Mary’s front two played close to the offside line, resulting in the Honkers having to play catch up.

The Honker offense continued to show its brilliance as Jesus Moreno, Alfredo Solis and Victor Mena made life difficult for the St. Mary’s defenders and midfielders. They were able to move through the opposing team, though not all of their shots were on target and they could not keep up with the goals St. Mary’s put away against a young goal keeper and a defensive line that is still learning how to play together.

One of the issues for the Honkers on the defensive end of the ball was that the midfield was not able to stop St. Mary’s from moving the ball through the middle of the field. This left the defensive line out on an island as the Honker defense and midfield often collapsed into one line, which allowed the St. Mary’s players to pass through the gaps and find the player making a run for a shot on target.

Even though the season is half-over on the calendar this is only the fourth game the Honkers have had this season as a number of their games have been canceled.

Honkers Asst. Coach Carmelina Arredondo was dismissed in the first half by the referee for arguing with the referee over whether play should be stopped for an injured player who got hit in the hand with the soccer ball.

The LHS boys soccer team is 1-3 overall and 1-2 in the 3A/2A/1A-Special District 5 league play. They are currently third in the league.

The final home game of the season is on Wednesday, Oct. 13 when the Honkers will host Illinois Valley with the game beginning at 4:30 p.m. There will be a celebration before the game to honor the senior players on the team.

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