LHS volleyball

Lakeview High School volleyball players Tyler McNeley and Kenna Stratton work together to block a shot from Glide during the first district playoff game on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Lakeview High School (LHS) volleyball was able to come away with a win in the first round of the league playoffs on Saturday, Oct. 23 defeating Glide 3-1; the Honkers faced Bonanza in the league championship on Tuesday, Oct. 26 and the state playoffs begin this Saturday.

This was the third time the Honkers faced Glide in the past week and a half.

At the beginning of each set the Honkers chose Ashley Strubel to serve, as in the previous couple of games against Glide her knuckle ball serve had confounded the Glide team. This time though Strubel was not landing her serves like she did in the past, and her knuckle ball was not dropping like it normally does, which sometimes happens with knuckle balls.

Despite the difficulty with one of the toughest servers LHS has on its roster, Glide was only able to dominate one set throughout the entire game.

Glide could not take advantage of the serving issues the Honkers had from a couple of their top servers and LHS was able to take advantage of the mistakes Glide made.

In each set the Honkers would take an early lead, and looked to be on their way to a dominating win of that set; but Glide would find a way to even up the score as the Honkers had difficulty in the middle of the set in their kills and defense, with the ball not bouncing their way. In a couple of the sets, especially when Glide was making a run, there would be communication issues in the back line and the timing was off at times between Strubel and the outside hitters for the Honkers. But that did not slow down the Honkers as they were able to overcome those mistakes and take home the victory.

Even though Glide would come back and make the game close, the Honkers were able to pull away from Glide in the three sets they won, as Kenna Stratton found her hitting stroke in the game, which at times made life difficult for the Glide defense and led to Honker points.

LHS had trouble with the hits from Glide senior Kylie Anderson, as the ball would travel low over the net and made it difficult for the players to respond in a timely fashion.

“Our team played with a lot of heart, and despite the change in rotation it was easy to see the progression they have made throughout the season. In particular, our offense made huge gains in consistency and effectiveness thanks to the hard work of our hitters, setter and passers,” said Head Coach Anneke Griffith.

Stats: Ashley Strubel – one ace, four kills, 31 assists, nine digs; Tayla Ewell – one ace, one assist, 27 digs; Tyler McNeley – one ace, 14 kills, two digs; Kenna Stratton – two aces, 13 kills, 11 digs, one block; Fernanda Inzunza – nine kills, two digs, one block; Jaila Jackson- four aces, five kills, two assists, three digs; Johanna Heil – four digs; Skyla Samples – one kill, two assists, seven digs.

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