Mat Club presents season’s awards

Lakeview Mat Club Iron Man winners for 2019-2020 are Cadin Ishida, l – r, Eli Cook and Grant Ishida.

Even though their season was cut short, members of the Lakeview Mat Club were still able to receive their awards for a job well done.

With only a couple of matches to go, including one that was to be held at the Lakeview High School, members of the Lakeview Mat Club were not able to complete their season. Not wanting to let down those who participated, Mitch Ishida made sure that those that won awards were able to collect them.

First up was the Burns Buckle award winner, Cadin Ishida. This award is given out by the people who organize the Burns Tournament to teams to present to the wrestlers on their team that distinguished themselves. While they get the Buckle right after the tournament, it is not awarded until the end of the season. Coach Mitch Ishida, takes in the entire season’s results and competitions.

“Cadin showed respect to all of his opponents this season and saved any emotions for off the mat. This was a big step for Cadin and big improvement from past seasons,” said Coach Ishida.

This year Cadin juggled two sports at once, and always showed up for wrestling practice even if it was only for 30 minutes. He also stepped up and helped to mentor the first year wrestlers.

After that it was the Iron Man winners for the 2019-2020 year, which is awarded by age group and goes to the wrestler that earned the most points throughout the season.

In the 8U age bracket the winner was Grant Ishida with 116 points. He wrestled in eight tournaments, in 34 matches, finishing the season 13 – 21.

Runner up was Cade Muller with 56 points and coming in third was Jarrett Parker and Caleb Britten both with 36 points.

In the 10U bracket was Cadin was the winner, with 112 points. He also participated in eight tournaments. He wrestled in 29 matches and went 5 – 24.

Adyn Dolbear was the runner up with 70 points and Jack Simms got third place with 48 points.

In the 12U bracket, Eli Cook was the winner with 94 points. He competed in six tournaments and wrestled in 12 matches with a record of 4 – 8.

Nate Zendajas was the runner up with 34 points, Allen Alvarado was third with 28 points.

For information contact Coach Mitch at

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