Mobile archery trailer offers services across county

Craig DeLarm, who owns Fletch-N-Strings Archery in Paisley in his brand new trailer where he can service bows and sell accessories on the road.

Craig Delarm, owner of Fletch-N-Strings Archery in Paisley, saw a need to reach archers across Lake County and the region, so he developed and worked on turning a horse trailer into a mobile shop.

Delarm talked with an archery store owner in Colorado who was facing a similar situation as Delarm in trying to reach people, in a large rural area, with a few small towns scattered. They built a trailer with full service, sales and repair. For the last several years and they have seen success in being mobile.

With that in mind, Delarm started working on his trailer, making it a full shop on wheels to travel to Lakeview, Christmas Valley, archery events, and places where bow hunters like to congregate. He started the project in January and has recently finished. He was in Lakeview on Wednesday, June 3. Ccurrently Fletch-N-Strings is running a special, a $20 bow hunter tune up; this does not include new parts if needed. He will be carrying bows for sale, not just accessories and parts.

His mobile trailer has everything he needs, including sleeping quarters that are separated from the main part of the vehicle, which he says will be perfect for on the road.

Everything that is available at his archery store in Paisley will be available in the trailer. Fly fishing gear will not be in the mobile trailer, only at his store.

“This will also be the Eastern Desert Archers, the Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) team trailer for when work needs to be done on their bows,” says Delarm.

He plans to take the mobile unit to archery competitions and to service bows and make repairs as allowed. He said that at a recent competition in Bend, before COVID-19, the trailer would have come in handy as a couple of archers from other teams suffered equipment issues and if the trailer had been on site then repairs could have been done.

Even if he is not going to events to offer repair services for the competitors he is still planning on bringing it for the S3DA team.

“I want to reach out to Lake County, and be able to offer archery services across the county,” said Delarm.

One of his goals is to reach out to 4-H, and school competitors. He plans on offering his trailer to service bows during 4-H or school competitions. Another area will be heading when bow hunting season begins is where many people like to go to access hunting. Delarm is going to park his trailer near those access points to entice bow hunters to stop and maybe pick up a piece of equipment, or service as long as it is not major. Major service will still need to be done in his shop in Paisley.

Though the design is not complete, Niki Taylor is designing graphics to go onto the mobile unit.

Currently he does not have a set schedule of when he will be in Lakeview, North Lake or other parts of Lake County. He will be posting updates on the shop’s Facebook page as to where he will be and when at

For more information call Delarm at 541-219-2870.

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