PYRA awards

Paisley Youth Rodeo Association reported a very successful season for 2021.

There is something special to be said about being a part of something that inspires greatness in every person in attendance, and we mean that! Being a part of an organization that is dedicated to its youth, whether it be a volunteer, a spectator, a grandparent, or a competitor, there is something extra special about being a part of something that truly gives everything it has to the young people who come.

To be a part of an organization that does everything it can to give its youth an opportunity to grow and succeed, and not just in their horsemanship. To be a part of something with people and young people so incredible that every single rodeo we all leave inspired by each and every kid. That just scratches the surface of what it means to be a part of the Paisley Youth Rodeo Association (PYRA).

I am not sure one article could describe the good that has come from this organization. If given the opportunity I could brag on this organization’s members, competitors, and its sponsors all day, though I don’t believe we have enough space for that.

There is something about showing up to an arena seeing it filled with trailers, families, kids, horses, and spectators all here for a common goal — to encourage, grow, support, and have a blast too — that gives you a booming and anxious heart, in the best kind of way. PYRA had another incredible season in 2021, which is easy to do when you have the group of people PYRA does. This year was one for the record books though, truly.

PYRA’s attendance was more than double its past average competitor size, PYRA added two new roping events as well as added a cattle influx, and PYRA was able to prize out more kids than it ever has before! To some that may not mean much; to PYRA that means we had the opportunity to give every hardworking, dedicated, kind and amazing competitor a shot at winning even more prizes.

To PYRA that means we were able to see that booming smile of achievement on twelve buckle winners, on 28 place winners, and give every single competitor that came to two or more rodeos something they could hold, wear and carry and be so incredibly proud of, as proud as we are of every single one of them!

PYRA was able to prize out that many young people due solely to its foundation of support — that is its sponsors! Sponsors from local small businesses to out of state contributors, to large corporations run by families who care about the future of agriculture and rodeo.

It goes without saying we absolutely could not pull off the banquet or the season we did without every single sponsor donating their hard-earned money and items so that PYRA has a chance to award these outstanding young people! We cannot thank every single sponsor enough for being the firm backbone of this for non-profit youth rodeo organization! Thank you sponsors, from every single member of Paisley Youth Rodeo Association.

We’d like to list our All-Around Champions of every age group, our roping all around winners as well as our sportsmanship winner of the Gail Taylor Memorial Sportsmanship Award.

Senior All Around Champions: Basil Vickerman & Abby Armstrong

Intermediate All Around Champions: Ty Duarte & Madison Duarte

Junior All Around Champions: Cade Muller & Tatum Sutfin

Peewee All Around Champion: Knox Muller & Harper Mockridge

Team Roping Champion Senior: Abby Armstrong

Team Roping Champion Intermediate: Madison Duarte

Junior Breakaway Dummy Roping Champion: Cade Muller

Peewee Dummy Roping Champion: Timothy Unfried

Gail Taylor Sportsmanship Award 2021: Tatum Sutfin

-Submitted by Shelby Warner


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