Gordon Greene


Gordon Greene, 92 years and 11 mos., passed away on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, peacefully with his loving partner, Joanne Johnston, and his family by his side. He was a beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Gordon was diagnosed with brain cancer Aug. 3, 2021 and bravely chose to live a life of quality the last days he had remaining.

Gordon was born to Paul and Edith Greene (both deceased) on Dec, 23, 1928. He was the last surviving member of his immediate family. Gordon was a builder and caretaker of the Hammersly Ranch, New Idaho Rd., previously owned by Marion Gover (deceased) in Lakeview from the spring of 1996 to fall of 2019. During that time period he was also caretaker of the neighboring ranch owned by Walt Weiss (deceased) where he raised some of the finest alfalfa in all of Lake County. Gordon won many blue ribbons from the Lake County Fair for the quality and protein content of the alfalfa he raised for Walt Weiss. Gordon enjoyed his ranching duties and building up the Hammersly Ranch (end of New Idaho Rd) in Lakeview as it stands now. During his time ranching, he enjoyed raising premium cattle and high quality alfalfa. He also enjoyed serving the Lake County community as a satellite TV and internet installer for many years during his retirement. Gordon enjoyed wildlife, wild birds, beekeeping, gardening, faceting, rockhounding, hunting, fly fishing, camping, milling his own lumber and building with it. His time was best spent outdoors among nature. While indoors during the long Lake County winters, he enjoyed faceting gemstones, building his holiday boxes, sharing holidays with his family, enjoying the warmth from his fireplace (which he proudly proclaimed HIS firewood provided twice the heat (gathering it and burning it) and living each day to its fullest!

Gordon was a longtime resident of Oregon and northern California, Lake County, Deschutes County and Siskiyou County. He contributed his time, efforts, talents and skills throughout each county, and is known for doing many things. Overall throughout his life he was known as a custom builder, inventor (patented, sold and shipped worldwide the chainsaw body guard), business owner (GOR-BET Ind., Gordy’s Drive-In, Highland Small Motor Sales and Repair — Redmond, Cove General Store and Cove Gas and Grocery Mart, Cove, Summer Lake Lodge — Summer Lake) rancher, rockhounder and woodsman. He built commercial buildings and homes throughout northern California and all of Oregon. In Deschutes County, Ore., he built custom homes and the Redmond Smokejumpers Base and visitor’s center at the Redmond Flight Center, Redmond, Warm Springs School — Warm Springs, Gresham High — additional schoolrooms and homes in Gresham and Sandy. In Lake County, Ore., Gordon built custom homes, Paisley Forest Service compound, Paisley Community Center, the Silver Lake Forest Service housing compound to name a few. In Siskiyou County he worked for the lumbermill and fruit box factory in Hornbrook and Henley, Calif., that supplied wooden boxes for the northern California and Oregon orchards. Gordon was a lifetime member and supporter of the VFW and served in WWII as a Crew-Twin 50 Cal. Waist-Gunner on the B-17’s in the North Africa Theater and finished his service in the European Theater, primarily in Germany alongside his brother Kenneth Greene, both soldiers and survivors of that war. Gordon comes from a long history of soldiers. His father Paul served in and survived WWI and his Uncle Robert Greene served in and survived WWII. Gordon’s family history dates back to the second coming of the Mayflower and his third great-uncle Major General Nathanael Greene of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. Gordon’s grandsons and great-grandsons continue to serve this country.

Gordon was preceded in death by: daughters, Linda Kemry of Paisley and Debra Green of Tuscon, Ariz.; brother, Kenneth Greene of Lake County; sisters, Pauline “Tweet” Mallow and Roberta “Bobbie” Heflick of Lake County; uncle Robert Greene of Lake County; and two deceased grandchildren.

Gordon is survived by: son, Ralph “Buck” Greene of Richland; daughters, Lucinda “Cindy” Bennett, Lurinda “Rindy” Greene, and Teresa Greene all of Lake County and Lydia Mercer of Richland; granddaughter, Piper Marks of Lake County and Cheryl Kerry-Owens of Paisley; great-grandchild, Aspen Owens of Paisley; 17 surviving grandchildren; and 21 great-grandchildren. He would lovingly and proudly refer to them as his “Here-after.”

Gordon will be laid to rest at the Henley Hornbrook Cemetery in Hornbrook, Calif. Gordon did not want a funeral service, the family will have a private burial service for him at graveside in Hornbrook with Military Honors. Family asks for friends or associates of Gordon to please contact Gordon’s daughter, Teresa Greene, directly by email: freedomridge@yahoo.com for further information or to express your condolences.

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