A man-eating plant at the Alger Theater

Lakeview Community Partnership (LCP) will be hosting the black comedy/horror/musical classic “Little Shop of Horrors” on Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Alger Theater in Lakeview. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the movie begins at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $5.

The movie is a musical film that came out in 1986 and combined Broadway showtunes — it was originally an off-Broadway musical and before that it was a 1960 film — and a man eating plant and a florist shop worker trying to win the heart of a lady. The film has achieved cult status, and high schools around the country often perform the stage show due to its songs, characters and effects.

The film follows Seymour — played by Rick Moranis — and his colleague Audrey — played by Ellen Green — who work in Mushnik’s Flower Shop in a run-down neighborhood in New York City referred to as “Skid Row.” Seymour and Audrey lament that they are unable to escape the neighborhood for a brighter future.

Struggling to attract customers Mr. Mushnik, owner of the store, decides he must close the store. But Audrey convinces him that they might have success attracting customers if Mr. Mushnik will show a strange plant Seymour owns.

Seymour agrees to display the plant — named Audrey II — and tells a passing customer he bought it from a Chinese flower shop during a solar eclipse. As Audrey II is displayed it begins to wither; trying to give it water Seymour pricks his finger and realizes the plant needs human blood to thrive.

With Seymour feeding the plant human blood, the plant begins to grow in size and Seymour becomes a celebrity. Audrey is struggling at the hands of her boyfriend the dentist Orin Scrivello — played by Steve Martin in scene stealing scenes — and Audrey dreams of running off with Seymour to the suburbs.

Looking to escape Seymour and Audrey hatch a plan to escape to the suburbs and leave the plant to starve, but first they must come up with a plan to get rid of Audrey II.

The movie is 94 minutes long and is rated PG-13 for mature thematic material including comic horror violence and language. People are encouraged to come dressed in costume.

The Alger Theater is located at 24 S. F St.

For more information contact LCP Exec. Dir. Ginger Casto at 541-944-8176.

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