After an effort to revive the Cancer Support Fund — previously known as the Cancer Travel Fund — was recently announced, Lakeview High School senior Miller Cyr chose to make a $100 donation to the fund from his own business proceeds, which was matched by a donation from his family.

Miller said he saw an article in the Examiner about donations being sought for the Cancer Support Fund and decided to help. “I was affected by cancer for the past year-and-a-half and wanted to give back,” he explained. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in March of 2020. With treatments, Miller has been in remission since July but must continue to have chemotherapy until March of 2022.

When he was 11, Miller started an ice business when the Cyr family purchased an industrial grade ice maker. He provides ice for weddings, parties and graduations. It was proceeds from that business that he elected to donate to the Cancer Support Fund.

When they heard of his donation, Miller’s parents — Staci and Jeff Cyr — matched his contribution. The $200 will go to pay for four separate $50 gas cards for local cancer patients who have to travel outside Lake County for medical appointments.

“Little things are a big deal when you’re in that situation,” Staci said. Miller wants others to know that donating to the Cancer Support Fund is important and that the gesture can take some stress off families dealing with cancer.

Staci said their family was lucky to have relatives in Portland they could stay with when they had to travel for Miller’s appointments, and they understand the difficulty for people who don’t have that option. “We know what it takes for people in rural communities who are going through this,” she explained.

And more than helping cancer patients get to their appointments, Staci said contributing to the Cancer Support Fund lets locals know that their community is rooting for them.

Donations to the Lake Health District Cancer Support Fund can be made out to LHD Cancer Support Fund and mailed to Lake District Hospital, 700 S. J St., Lakeview, OR 97630.

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