Cycle Town Coffee Shop in Lakeview’s Honker Mall is under new management by the Springer family.

When Susie and Matthew Springer heard that building owner Mike Beeson was looking for a new lessee for the coffee shop, Susie said they jumped with both feet into the operation. Susie said she and her husband Matthew had been looking to operate a coffee shop of their own for several years.

Susie has experience working in a food service position but this is the first time the couple and their two children — Ben and Liz — have ever operated their own coffee shop. The couple was looking for something that would allow their family to work together.

“It has been a learning experience learning to make espresso and other coffee drinks,” said Susie.

Both she and Matthew said the previous operator of Cycle Town Coffee, Debbie Rosales, has been a big help, and has been available to answer questions. Susie said she spent the month of May working in the coffee shop with Rosales to learn how to operate the espresso machines and make different kinds of coffee drinks.

With the coffee drinks remaining the same, the family has been making some additions and deletions to the products available in the shop. Susie said she wants to focus on more homemade items and less on processed food items, though she said some of the chocolate might make a comeback.

“I am looking at making homemade loaves of bread and rolls and having those available for people to purchase,” said Susie.

She said that in the back there is a commercial oven that would be perfect to make the homemade bread and rolls. She plans to learn the ropes first of operating the coffee shop before embarking on having different types of breads available. She said she will be using family recipes for the bread, and described her rolls as being similar to the Hawaiian rolls people can purchase in the store. Susie said one of her long term goals is to have whole pies available for purchase in the shop.

One new item that is already on the menu is the breakfast burrito. Susie said her daughter Liz came up with the idea of offering a breakfast burrito made with eggs, sausage and cheese. Susie said the product has been a hit so far and sells out most days.

A frozen treat that has proven to be popular during the hot days of the early summer has been the frozen lemonade. Matthew said with the syrups they have available, there are up to 40 different flavors customers can chose from.

While many of the items people can purchase such as mugs, hats, and other trinkets are making a comeback, Susie is excited for the future of having different products made by local people available for purchase.

“There is a lot to the coffee side of things, and there has been a lot to learn so far. But the children are enjoying it, and the community has been positive about it,” said Susie.

Cycle Town Coffee is open Monday – Thursday from 6 a.m. – 4 p.m., Friday – Saturday from 6 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sunday from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. It is located at 25 N. E St., Lakeview.

For more information call 541-947-4717.

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