With the school year fast approaching, Lake County School District #7 (LCSD#7) schools are scheduled to begin instruction on Wednesday, Sept. 8. The annual kindergarten camp will be held in early August for incoming kindergarten students.

This is the first year the kindergarten camp has been held since 2019. In 2020 it was held virtually due to COVID restrictions.

The multi-day camp allows students to meet their teachers and gives’ kindergarten students their first taste of how the school day will go at both Fremont and Union elementary schools.

There will be two four-day sessions and kindergarten students are encouraged to attend both sessions, though students can attend whichever days they wish depending on their schedule.

The first session will run from Monday, Aug. 9 through Thursday, Aug. 12. The second session will run from Monday, Aug. 16 through Thursday, Aug. 19. Each day will go from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. and lunch will be provided each day to students who attend.

For kindergarten students, attending school for the first time can be an intimidating experience with new rules, new ways of doing things, and being away from home and their parents a portion of the day. To help ease the anxiety of meeting new people and undergoing a new routine, the LCSD#7 has been holding kindergarten camps for years in August right before the school year begins.

It is not mandatory for students to attend, though it has been found to be helpful for students and teachers on the first few days of school when people are getting settled.

For families who need their children to be transported for the kindergarten camp, transportation will be available for students who live outside of a one-mile radius of the school; parents who are unsure if they qualify for bussing should contact the school. Kindergartners may bring a backpack; school supplies will be provided.

For more information contact Carlee Albertson at 541-947-2136 or by email at Albertson.carlee@lakeview.k12.or.us.

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